Why arts
Why art

"Art is the soul's medicine"

In the flow of art, thoughts appear in behaviors or objects in concrete or abstract forms. The art discussed here is not only the expression of personal will, but the co-creation and communication between people and everything in a conscious or unconscious way, so we prefer to say that everyday life is art, and we live out our thoughts in the breath of heaven and earth. And philosophy.

Arts can healing. Arts can communicate. Arts can Empower. Through Arts, we connect and become a net, talking about life, philosophy, and thought. We live, because we know what we love to be.

ARTs Network Empower
Society Innovation
Art and community activation

"Behind every action is a motive, connotation, meaning and purpose."

Local culture and history, family stories, industrial context, and common people's life are the original co-creation elements of the art season. Based on the interaction of participatory art, a local friendly network of dialogue, understanding, coexistence and co-prosperity is launched. The flow of life brings contemporary social issues. Driven by art, we try to bring the perspectives of policy implementation, education reform, and local development into the local area, and inject new imagination and power into regional innovation and development.